Dharma Life Labs has been created to fill the gap we have in the understanding of rural India and provide an unfiltered presentation of issues, insights and opinions of the rural population. From insights and data gathered, we listened to communities in rural India from women, to local business and households to understand what challenges and restrictions they were facing.

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We for Village / Sangram

The We for Village Alliance also known as “Sangram” is Dharma Life’s comprehensive response to the sudden and devastating effect of the COVID-19 lockdown on rural Indians. The initiative brings together several global partners and leverages Dharma Life’s extensive network of female entrepreneurs to immediately respond to the crisis, aid recovery as the lockdown eases, and build resilience for a successful future. 

Clean and

Clean and Connected Homes

A Clean and Connected Home is a household that is aware of good health, hygiene, and sanitation habits, has access to clean energy and cooking, and is digitally literate​. In partnership with Unilever and DIFD’s transform collaboration, Dharma Life designed an integrated approach to delivering a Clean and Connected Home.

The Jaya Alliance

The Jaya Alliance

Supported by the Ford Foundation and driven by Dharma Life, the Jaya Alliance aims to create a rural movement by empowering women to overcome low confidence and barriers, facilitate capacity building and link them into new and existing schemes as well as livelihoods. It then provides a mobile-app based platform that offers guidance, support and opportunities to women who seek training, development & integration to workforce to help realize their own potential. 

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